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Richard Kittar (aka: Captain Aurora), the president and one of the founders of Aurora Marine Industries In., is the author of this site and the foremost expert on boat maintenance. He has dedicated over 38 years to inventing and developing unique and effective solutions for boat maintenance that has no equal today. If he doesn’t know the answer to your question, he will find it… Or challenge his team of chemists to find a solution!

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  • Only 47 Days Left till Spring, Is your Boat Ready? –
        This Week’s Top Sellers ALGEX™ Bottom Cleaner for Aluminum STAINLESS SHIELD™ Protective Clear Coat for Stainless Steel CANVAS SHIELD™ Fabric Guard for marine fabrics, boat covers ODOR FREE™ Odor Eliminator for Marine Holding Tanks Limited Time Sale Use Discount Code SAVE10 To Get 10% Off Gallon Quantities of AURORA BOAT CARE SOLUTIONS Note: This […]
  • How often should I apply Canvas Shield to keep my top dry?
    Adam Almas asked: I love your Canvas Shield. It’s the first time in 3 years that the top hasn’t leaked on my SeaRay. I tried 3 other products and nothing worked like your Canvas Shield product. I used your FabriKlean to clean the mold from the camper top. That stuff is amazing. Then I sprayed […]
  • Boat Show Sale (Jan 19 /2023 – Jan 27 /2023)
      Now is the time to stock up on the supplies you’ll need to clean, polish and protect your boat. After all, Spring is only 2 months away. Do you have Everything You Need? Remember last year; the weather didn’t co-operate and you were late launching your boat because you didn’t have the Boat Care Products that you […]
  • How can I stop the stainless steel on my boat from rusting?
    John Tolley asked: How can I stop the stainless steel on my boat from rusting? I’m in Florida. I use your Boat Scrub to clean the rust. It does a great job. Then I protect the stainless with wax but the rust keeps coming back and it also stains the fiberglass.  Do you have a […]