Ron Frerker asked:

Do you have a product that will remove all old wax off the hull? That includes wax which might not have been buffed out correctly?
The products would be Aurora products like Boat Shine and etc.


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To remove old wax or polish work in a small section at a time. Wet the gelcoat with water, spray on Boat Clean Plus and scrub with a Marine Power Mitt, then put a bit of Boat Scrub on the Mitt and scrub again, until the gelcoat is clean and shiny. Rinse well and continue onto the next section. If the gelcoat is still dull, oxidized, streaky or faded, the next step is to buff with EZ Buff before re-polishing. (be sure to watch the How to Video)

Premium Boat Shine is self-polishing and does not need to be buffed. When the haze appears, simply wipe away the haze with a terry towel or cotton cloth. If the haze was allowed to remain too long and it becomes difficult to wipe away, apply some more Premium Boat Shine to the hazed over surface and then wipe it away. The haze indicates that the solvents are evaporating and the Premium Boat Shine is beginning to bond to the gelcoat. The solvents from the fresh application will soften the haze residue so it can be wiped away and you should have a beautiful, durable shine.

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Richard Kittar