KURT WAHL asked:

What’s the difference between Green Genie and Algae Strip? Both products look like something that might work for me. I have a 27' Rinker that sits in fresh water Lake Barkley in KY. I have a growth that will not pressure wash off.


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Algae Strip is the original chemical bottom cleaner and it’s acid based. Green Genie is our latest invention. It uses salt instead of acid so it doesn’t fume and it’s much more pleasant to work with. It’s also more environment friendly. They both do the same job, except that Algae Strip is about 12% stronger and works faster.

After you get the growth off, I suggest that you scrub the bottom with Boat Scrub and apply VS721. It will seal the pores and protect your bottom against osmosis blisters, plus it will make clean up much easier in the future.

Thanks for your question,

Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar