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• COVERAGE: 250sq. ft. ONE COAT (16oz bottle), 2000sq. ft. ONE COAT (1US Gal Jug)

ALUMETRON™ is an easy to apply clear polymer coating that bonds chemically and mechanically to aluminum for a smooth, durable, protective finish that resists environmental damage and attachment of dirt. It keeps your aluminum looking shiny and new all season even with constant water immersion.



New Aluminum: Clean & degrease aluminum. Wet aluminum with water, spray BOAT CLEAN PLUS™ onto surface andwash with a MARINE POWER MITT™, cloth, sponge, or pressure washer. Hot water improves cleaning. Rinse and dry.

Fouled Aluminum: Remove fouling from aluminum with ALGEX™. Clean & degrease as above.

Tarnished Aluminum: Remove oxidation and stains with ALUMABRITE CBX®. Clean & degrease as above.

450ml / 16oz- 250 ft²
3.8L / 1US gal – 2,000 ft²

APPLICATION: Surface must be clean and dry.
WIPE: Apply 4 thin coats ALUMETRON™. Wipe on with a lint free cloth pad, in long, even, overlapping strokes. Do not overwork application or bubbles and streaking will result.

CURE TIME at 77°F – 50% R.H.:
• To touch 10 min.
• To recoat 20 min.
• To light service 8 hrs.
• To full cure 48 hrs.
• To water immersion 96 hrs.
• To application of VS721 96 hrs.
15°C – 35°C
<80% RH<

CLEAN UP: Soap & Water. Cured ALUMETRON™  can be removed with lacquer thinners.

DAMAGE REPAIR: Repair scratched or abraded surface by cleaning damaged area as above and apply 4 thin coats of ALUMETRON™ with a folded cloth pad.

WATER IMMERSION: To protect surfaces that will be continuously submerged, apply 2 coats VS721 BOTTOM COAT™ to fully cured areas below the waterline. Coating the entire hull or pontoon with VS721™ reduces abrasion damage, makes cleaning and maintenance easier, reduces salt attachment and increased durability and longevity.

SAFETY: Wear safety glasses and protect skin from excessive exposure. If splashed in eyes, rinse with water for 10 minutes. If on skin, wash with soap and water.

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