Product DirectionsEnglishCanvas Shield



• COVERAGE: 35 – 60sq. ft. ONE COAT (20oz bottle), 210 – 360sq. ft. ONE COAT (1US Gal Jug)



Wash fabric with FABRI-KLEAN®, rinse well and allow to dry thoroughly. Protect adjacent surfaces against overspray. Spray fabric with CANVAS SHIELD® (using the trigger sprayer on the bottle or a garden sprayer) until evenly wet. When dry to touch, apply a 2nd coat. Allow to dry and cure; 12 to 24 hours depending on temperature. Protect treated fabric from rain, dew and moisture until completely cured. Best results when applied in direct sun and in temperature above 70°F – 21°C. Do not apply below 60°F – 15.5°C. Reapply annually or as required.

35 – 60 Ft² (3.25 – 5.6 M²), depending on material and application method.

How to waterproof marine fabric

NOTE: Most boat covers, Bimini tops, boat and pontoon boat covers, sail covers, dodgers and T-tops can be conveniently cleaned with FABRI-KLEAN® fabric cleaner and waterproofed with CANVAS SHIELD® fabric guard, while in place, on the boat. Sail covers and boat cushions will have to be removed and cleaned and waterproofed with the fabric guard on the dock or off site. Always spray CANVAS SHIELD® outdoors or in a well ventilated area.

  1. Spray the exterior surface of the marine canvas with a jet of water from a garden hose to blast away any loose dirt and to wet the surface thoroughly.
  2. Spray FABRI-KLEAN® directly onto all tough soil such as bird droppings and then spray the entire surface with an even mist.
  3. Scrub the marine canvas with a soft bristle brush until all soil has lifted.
  4. Spray clean with a jet of water. Repeat 2. and 3. if necessary.
  5. Allow boat canvas to dry thoroughly.
  6. Spray CANVAS SHIELD® fabric guard onto Sunbrella or other marine canvas fabric until evenly wet (direct from the bottle or using a pump garden sprayer).
  7. When dry to the touch apply a 2nd coat.
  8. Allow CANVAS SHIELD® fabric guard to cure 12 to 24 hours, depending on temperature and humidity, protecting it from rain or dew.

The most popular brand of marine canvas is Sunbrella. Top Gun, Top Notch, WeatherMax, Shoretex, Coast Guard, Recacril, Outdura and Sunforger are other common brands. There are others. They are mostly made with solution dyed acrylic or polyester threads. FABRI-KLEAN, fabric cleaner and CANVAS SHIELD, fabric guard, can be safely used to clean and waterproof all marine canvas as well as other outdoor fabric made from natural and synthetic yarns.

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