Product DirectionsEnglishRapid Bottom Cleaner

• Quick and Easy to use.
• Apply with paint roller, brush or spray.

1. Use scrub brush or pressure washer to remove loose marine growth. Scrape off loose barnacles or mussels.

2. Apply RAPID BOTTOM CLEANER™ to marine growth using a chemically resistant garden sprayer, paint roller or brush. Heavy build-up may require agitation with a scrub brush. Allow RAPID BOTTOM CLEANER™ to work for 15 to 30 minutes or until marine growth has loosened.

3. RAPID BOTTOM CLEANER™ will soften barnacle & mussel shells so they can be scraped or pressure washed away.

4. Rinse off well with water or pressure washer. Repeat if necessary until hull is clean.

5. Remaining stains, scuff marks and oxidation may be removed with BOAT SCRUB™.

6. Apply clear VS721 BOTTOM COAT™ to all surfaces below the waterline to reduce the attachment of marine growth and make future clean up easier. VS721™ also seals the pores in gelcoat to prevent osmosis blisters, reduces fuel consumption and improves performance.